Enduring Partnerships with Specialized Translators

It is our strong belief that nurturing everlasting partnerships with valuable translators, revisers, subtitlers, interpreters and desktop publishers leads to solid customer satisfaction, and also towards a constant security of services. But getting to know who's actually who in the European vendor market is a constant effort.

This vast knowledgebase spanning over an extended European translator market is why our customers trust on us with their sensitive projects. From the very beginning, each translator's background is carefully screened for qualification and specialization, allowing us to match their varied skills against strenuous project specifications.

Besides strict adherence to adequate termninology requirements and customized styleguides, we value professional work ethics such as meeting deadlines, respecting agreements, mastering CAT Tools, resolving differences, improving quality.

*More than 400 active agreements with European translators and revisers.
Real-time data.

At the same time we have provided our translators with an online platform following crystal-clear procedures for project management and accounting. eTranslator is a proprietary software developed since 2006 that interconnects our employees with specialized translators throughout Europe.

Here are a few features eTranslator offers our esteemed translation and DTP partners:

  • Deploying availability queries via SMS and Email
  • Managing big file transfers
  • Updating vendor profile to current specialization
  • Previewing current or completed order forms
  • Stating temporary inactivity schedule
  • Checking invoice due date
  • Carrying out live conversations
  • Forecasting concurent load of translators and DTPs

If you are a professional translator or desktop publisher having at least 5 years of proven track experience in localization industry, we invite you to create your new eTranslator account right now.

Dispatched Availability Queries
Confirmed Order Forms
Exchanged SMS and Chat Messages
Translated & Revised Documents