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MEMOrg :: Translator Tools

At the moment hosts a set of esquisite tools for the translation industry: translator directory, free dictionaries, news portal, a text processor and a file transfer system.
MEMOrg translation memory was designed especially for translators and translation companies in Eastern Europe.
The decision to develop our own solution to support translators came after several years of using and testing traditional software in the translation market (i.e. Trados or Wordfast). We have learned from the faults and shortages of these generally accepted software applications and created a brand new solution that we are currently using in our internal processes.
Here are a few of the valuable advantages offered by MEMOrg translation memory:

Online Platform

There is no need to install any software package. You can work directly in your browser.
By accessing individual accounts, all the translators work on the same server, so your team has no constraints in terms of location. Plus, there is no need to exchange file-based translation memories via e-mail.
Accepted file types are Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and also HTML or XML compliant files.

Multiple Filters

MEMOrg provides you with efficient filters for translation memory suggestions, including language, translation field, user, or fuzzy match rate.
Our solution comes with an innovative system of favorite and excluded users and has implemented a validation method for all registered translators.

Instant Response

Although you are working online, the server response time stands comparison with desktop solutions.
Considering the database size and the quality of suggestions, MEMOrg provides a significantly faster response compared to other translation memory solutions existing on the market.

Revolutionary Technology

Translation segments with their equivalences and glossary and spelling entries are all stored in a single database.
Thus, it is possible to reuse the translation memory irrespective of the language combination of your future documents.
You can simply select the users you like, adjust the fuzzy rate and your translation will benefit from the work of translators hundreds of miles away. You can also search the database using multiple criteria and rapidly find contexts suitable for your text.

Friendly Interface

You will be working in a browser, so if you're used to navigating on the internet, there is no need for special training. The average time to master the interface for first-time users is only a few minutes.
Apart from the attractive layout of a webpage, you can easily adjust the font size, colors, help and spelling options. If you have difficulties in operating the tabs and shortcuts in the translation mode, there is a complete user guide available only a click away.

Populated database

Unlike other CAT tools, more than 10 million valid equivalences have been integrated in MEMOrg from the very beginning.
MEMOrg's utmost advantage is that by using it, translators will be 100% focused on what they know best: translation and terminological research.
MEMOrg is the first online Computer Assisted Translation solution developed by a Romanian company
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