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In the past decade, we have put great effort into adding value to your business and communication initiatives. Many corporations doing business in Eastern Europe have relied on our customized solutions when dealing with foreign languages.
We know what it takes to satisfy your needs and we possess valuable experience, know-how and skills, which are vital when choosing your suppliers.

Specialized Translations

Your customers, employees, suppliers or the authorities often request documents in foreign languages. We've done it all, from plain translations of legal documents to multi-language technical catalogues.
Our extended network of translators and reviewers allows us to deliver reliable translations into all Eastern European languages, our most demanded language combination being English-Romanian (more than 50%).
When developing the right solution for your translation project, we combine several key factors: highly skilled translators, specialized reviewers, advanced translation memories (CAT) and cutting-edge project management tools.
With more than 70 million words translated so far, demanding requirements in terms of experience (a minimum of 3 years for translators and 10 years for reviewers), many recommendations from important companies, and having specialized in key translation fields (economic, electric, medical, IT and legal), Serious Business is surely worthy of becoming your favorite translation supplier in Eastern Europe.

Business Interpreting

Your business means global presence and local communication. For several years now, we have facilitated communication in Romanian during our customers’ training sessions, executive meetings, conferences or presentations.
You can benefit from the rock-solid quality of our interpretation sessions due to the rigorous experience requirements we impose on our interpreters (a minimum of 5 years), as well as to our background of several hundred hours of interpretation we have successfully completed so far.
To overcome any risks to your business conference, we can even provide you with interpretation equipment, duly certified according to ISO 4043:1998.
Our Romanian interpreters are fully qualified, tested and trained to perform successful consecutive or simultaneous interpreting sessions in the following languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Bulgarian, Polish, Czech and Hungarian.

Multimedia Subtitling

Delivering your video messages to emerging markets can be a risky business unless you find the right professionals. Until now, thousands of viewers have already enjoyed video materials proficiently subtitled by our subtitling team.
Your videos, whether marketing materials, training sessions or TV shows, will be distributed with seamless subtitles in any television, DVD, VHS or internet format. Our team of translators is standing by waiting for your call.
We possess the technical skills and tools necessary to provide you with a viable solution, including time-cueing, for subtitles in Romanian, Bulgarian and Hungarian, in any encoding or video format.
Our subtitles run so smooth that you will only need to push the "play" button and let people enjoy your videos.

Software Localization

Yes, Eastern Europe is a hot marketplace and your company may plan to extend its business here. Your core processes are supported by dedicated software, which now needs to be understood locally.
Not only did we translate millions of words in various applications (databases, xml, chm, plain code or websites), but we are also software developers ourselves. We can successfully handle specialized tasks, such as programming code editting and software validation.
Your software needs total control by experts, and we are among the few professionals in Romania able to solve both translation and programming issues.
Your end users will definitely enjoy a perfectly localized user interface in all Eastern European languages.

Desktop Publishing

Your marketing department exists to build innovative customer approach strategies. To deal with complex documents, your colleagues need the help of graphic designers or layout artists.
We have developed advanced abilities in desktop publishing (DTP), from creating new designs to reproducing existing documents. Our team can solve any font, image or formatting issue to achieve the desired output.
You can rely on us to handle the layout of your PC or Mac documents, whether PDF, Corel, Quark, Indesign or Framemaker.
During past few years we have solved layout conversion issues in record times and many customers were very pleased with the output and cost of our services.

Customized Printing

Printing your company´s catalogues, brochures or user manuals is not always as easy as it sounds. When placing a print order, you should always consider delicate aspects, such as the amount of faulty copies or layout accuracy.
We are used to solve issues that are probably unfamiliar to you, such as paper type, folding instructions, paper sheet weight, or applicable printing technology (offset or digital). And we will update your documents until you are completely satisfied with the output and give us your final approval for printing.
We make green printing possible by working with suppliers that have already been successfully tested and have proved to have extensive knowledge in printing.

Translator Lease

Do you have extremely confidential documents and cannot have them leave your company´s premises? Do you need them translated in perfectly safe conditions (directly on your computers, under your own security procedures) at affordable prices?
Translator Lease is the answer you are looking for: the first and only service in Romania for hiring temporary translators.
During past years, we have carefully selected highly competent translators, who are able and willing to be involved in written translation projects at our customers’ headquarters.
Translator Lease is only available in Bucharest for economic, technical, medical and legal translations in the following language combinations: English-Romanian, German-Romanian, French-Romanian and Italian-Romanian.
You can relax now by outsourcing your translations to our experts
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ISO 9001:2015

Our Quality Management System is ISO 9001 certified by an external auditor since 2006. We continuously strive to improve our services so as to provide you with the relaxation you need. Quality certificate number: SRAC RO-3524, valid until 25th of October, 2023.

ISO 27001:2017

This pandemic challenged everybody to adapt to a new work environment. In view of a safer communication with our customers, vendors and employees we have implemented a Information Security Management System. Certificate number: SRAC RO-354, valid until 16th of December, 2023.